Testimonials for tours and travel planning for 1 to 4 people


San Francisco City Tour – departing from San Francisco March 2004
Travel planning of San Jose for 1 person staying in Milpitas

Your maps were perfect and the tours perfect - so it was all great -had a great time and yes the weather was wonderful! It is so cold here, but will be the high 60,'s by end of this week. Thanks so much for all your help!
Oh, and did see Winchester and the shops (Santana Row) -and had a spa day which was terrific at the spa there -and went to the outlet mall -it was great and bought shorts and tops as I think I told you as it was so hot. The weekends were great as well. We went to Santa Cruz one weekend and the coast and then San Rafael, etc.

Janie – from Ohio

Monterey Tour departing from San Francisco – July 2004
For 1 person staying in Palo Alto Hotel

Thank you for booking my Montrey & Carmel tour. It meets my expectations!
The tour was very good. I enjoyed to see the beautiful landscape and
coastline. Moreover, we could see many seals on that day. They are really
cute! It was a long tour but I really enjoyed it.

Thank you

Limo Wine Tasting Tour – May 2004

It was quite delightful! The limo driver was on time, very courteous
and helpful. The box lunches were very good; your suggestion as to where to
eat them was a plus. All wineries were well represented by their counter people and were expecting us.

Thanks for your help on short notice, will be sure to recommend you to others.

Stan – Wine Tasting Specialist - Retired

Wine Tasting Tour – May 2004

The tour was terrific!!! Thanks for setting everything up. My parents had a blast. And they loved seeing how different the Santa Cruz and Saratoga wineries are compared to the Napa Valley Wineries. The 3 wineries were great, the lunch was great, and our Guide (Dulcey) was awesome. She definitely knew her stuff.

Thank you! thank you!

Project Coordinator


Wine Tasting Tour – Santa Clara Valley – April 2004 - Guidant – Comments from participants

I had a wonderful time. I think most people did. It seems to be good compromise activity, i./e., it is something that almost anyone can enjoy (vs. boating or baseball or other things that certain people would not want to do). It occurred to me yesterday that I could have not been particularly interested in wine and still have had a good time. I also thought the tour service was very good.


All of the experiences were good and everybody enjoyed a relaxing and fun experience. No need to go to Napa, we have it all right here close by! The company you worked with to organize this did a good job, and I can highly recommend them for a future event.
Thank you for all your efforts!


It was a great trip. I thought that everybody had a great time. One of the best events since I have been at the company!


Wine Tasting Tour – June 2004
You’re a great person to work with! Thanks for making this so seamless!


Livermore Wine Tasting Tour – May 2004

We had a great time and a everyone enjoyed themselves very much. We had several members of our group that are real wine buffs and thus preferred the more higher end type wines, thus went over to an additional winery! Everyone went home with wine!
Thanks again.

Kaiser Permanente


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