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Tour Description:

It is hard to believe that less than two decades ago computers took off running! What sparked this revolution? Why here? How has the computer changed your life? What IS Silicon Valley? You have the questions…we have the answers. Join with us as we introduce you to Silicon Valley. Treat yourself to a glimpse of the fast-paced, ever-changing world of high-technology. Sit back and listen to the tales of the company lore and of colorful founders of Silicon Valley Companies.

We start in the "Capital" of Silicon Valley, San Jose. Wind through the streets of California’s first Capitol, a city where history intertwines with modern society. The Tech Museum is where our tour begins. We pass by the desktop publishing software giant, Adobe Systems, adjacent to the beautiful and recently renovated, Guadalupe Trail. Do you know where the name Adobe Systems comes from? You will! Learn about the early history of the area as we pass by the other "Adobe". Can you guess which building is home to the second busiest intersection in cyberspace?

As we take-off to the next section, the "Valley of Techs" we pass one famous company after another. Some have even become household names across America. The contrast of agriculture and technology is really a sight to behold.

As we drive through "Cisco City" you will understand why Cisco is at the center of the Internet world. Who created this giant? What makes it unique?

Do you know what the 3 Coms in 3Com stand for? We will tell you the company that purchased 3 Coms as we pass by on our way to the Intel Museum. Intel’s museum is one of the most interesting stops in the Valley. This semiconductor giant produces computer hardware, which is displayed inside the Museum. Learn about the clean rooms, and how a computer is actually made.

You will see the more established companies in between the new Internet companies. Many companies such as Nortel Networks have taken a new face in keeping with the pace of industry.

Do you Yahoo? Do you know anyone who does? Learn about one of the newest Internet success stories, and the contrast between this young, successful company and its older established neighbor – Amdahl. And, for both Techies and non-Techies – we will stop at Fry’s electronics store – or is this a theme park? You decide for yourself – it is definitely a "must see"!

As we wind our way North towards Palo Alto, the birthplace of the Electronic Revolution, we pass Advanced Micro Devices, the "White House of the west coast", Moffett Field, rich in history and home of the "blue cube", Silicon Graphics, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Intuit and more. "Walk" through the neighborhood streets of the early innovators and see the historic "Garage", where Bill Hewlett and David Packard forged their company, Hewlett Packard. Learn the stories of the Varian brothers, and Professorville, where Stanford’s professors first lived.

Drive through the lush Stanford campus and then to Hewlett Packard Corporate headquarters in adjacent Stanford Industrial Park. Last, but certainly not least, we will see Apple Computer. The history of this company, founded in yet another "garage", is fascinating. And its evolution as a computer maker taking on the giant IBM, or "Big Blue", as it’s fondly known in the industry, is legend.

Silicon Valley – once the Valley of Hearts Delight, now the Heart of High Technology!

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